What people are saying about the Expats' Guide . . .

"Hilarious and spot-on. This is the book I wish I'd had when I was a new expat in Singapore."

-Liza Beazley, author of Keep Me Posted

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"So detailed! Amazing!"

-Charlotte, Belgian expat in Singapore

"I am learning sooo much from your book! Really wish I could have read it before I "softly" landed in Singapore. . . Very informative and entertaining." 

-Robin, American expat in Singapore 

"I love the book . . . My husband has read it too and thinks it's laugh out loud hilarious and brilliantly written - and I agree."

"Do you know who loves reading your book and can't get his eyes off of it?!?! My father!"

-Claire Langrèe Staf, owner of Langrèe & Stahel.

"I read your book on hols and loved it!!! Such a lovely style of writing - really helpful but funny too, and got the balance just right for useful info vs a good read!"

-Clare, British expat in Singapore

"Just need to tell you - I love the book.  It's written very well with bags of humour... I wish I'd got it sooner... Like no other "guide" I've ever read."

- Anita (UK), newly arrived in Singapore from Portugual. 

"I just HAD to write and tell you how much I LOVE your book. Couldn't put it down... It is funny, practical, helpful, candid, and did I mention funny?! Many times I was actually LOL'ing! I identify so much with the frustrations mentioned in the book (this coming from a Singaporean!)"

-Elizabeth, Singaporean

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